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hello, you found markus decker, i am a cultural worker. my interests caputure the topics of information processes and theories about the entropy in feedback systems and in natural phenomenons. my working methods are strongly connected to the field of the free/libre open source, open knowledge ideas in the context of art. with an interdisciplinary approach i collaborate irregularly with different groups and artists since the 90ties. some of my frequent collaborators are dietmar offenhuber, ushi reiter, servus.at, laura beloff, dilemmarecords, richard herbst and erich berger among others.


firstfloor/ -ae- is taken from the letters inbetween m and x of my login name. our host: firstfloor


the work ist licensed under copyleft http://artlibre.org/licence/lal/en the free art license


links: dietmar offenhuber, ushi reiter, laura beloff, richard herbst, erich berger

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