Jeremy Turner

Jeremy Turner is an internationally exhibiting media artist, writer, composer and curator based in Vancouver. He has also worked as a Digital Media Archivist for Open Space Gallery in Victoria and the Edgewise ElectroLit Centre.

He is a Co-Founder of the 536 Media Collective in Vancouver. In addition, he is a Co-Producer of the very first Machinima Documentary, "AVATARA"

To date, he has conducted interviews and written articles about innovations in New Media for: C-Theory, Shift, Intelligent Agent, Extropy, Rhizome, Eyebeam Gallery, Still Water, Offbeat and Front Magazine.

He is on the Board of Editors for the Digital Salvage Online Journal hosted by Trace Reddel at the University of Denver, Colorado.

Although his Art-History degree is from the University of Victoria, he has also studied Music Composition there with John Celona and Christopher Butterfield.

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