Sandra Wintner

born in 1975 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Since 1997 Sandra has worked on numerous web-based productions (organisation, web design, streaming audio, video documentation) for ORF Kunstradio, Vienna, including "Recycling the Future" at the Ars Electronica festival 1997,"Devolve Into II" in spring 2002 and the global streaming network "Radiotopia" in autumn 2002.

Sandra functioned as coordinator for ORF Kunstradio's and Western Front Society's telecommunications project "Wiencouver 2000" from 1998 to 2000.

She was involved in the production and of "Roadmovie", a vehicular timelapse movie presented inside the Artist Run Limousine in October 2002 and was in residency helping develop AUDIOMOBILE with Matt Smith and Ken Gregory at the Western Front during the Scrambled_Bites project in september 2003.

Since April 2001, she is employed as one of three Technical Directors of the Western Front Artist run center in Vancouver.

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