decker / reiter

improvisation inbetween the open structures of noise. decker/reiter take their hands on various soundscape ordering patterns behind turntables, computer and synthesizer.

audio_ogg download: save d/r organ live2007
audio_ogg download: save loveless _studioedit 2006
video_mov download: save quicktime movie / performance oslo spasibar 11/2005 (39mb) / fileinfo: bad audiocodec makes some artefacts / premaster
audio_ogg download: save performance oslo spasibar 11/2005 (25mb)
audio_ogg download: save gock _studioedit 2005
audio_ogg download: save heuler _studioedit 2005
audio_mp3 download: save in_our_prairie rec 2004


appearances/among others:

2010 d/r at the malakov experiment rother krebs linz
2010 dr-djing at timesup linz
2010 decker/reiter/fuchs,... playing at 10 years klingt.org anniversary, at alter schlachthof wels
2009 d/r are invited to participate on the soundscape series with david daniell hosted by kapu
2009 d/r are invited to participate on a klangmaschinen show hosted by ima - images -
2008 decker/(dr)/ reiter/ hofmueller/ hofmueller residency at the velvet factory rimini it
2007 d/r concert at the liquid music festival 07
2006 finaltransmission radio show feat. live: herbst/decker/reiter
2006 dj ur is part of the cityofwomen festival
2006 decker/reiter / staalplaat soundsystem / dj ddkern at ok-centrum linz
2006 the insistent clubscene_ wienerfestwochen
2006 sonntags abstrakt graz
2005 spasibar oslo
2004 noiseimprov hotel / art exhibit linz
2002 devolve into & intermedium2 kunstradio/vienna zkm/karlsruhe

release: decker quotenregelung - out of sync | reiter used her former alias: dj quotenregelung


some pictures: onthegroove.jpg, dr_info_terminal dr_info_terminal_heuler_organ

we got an very nice soundsupport by dd kern, thank you!

markus decker: cv | maex // at and add this domain here :) | http://firstfloor.org/ae
ushi reiter: cv | ushi // at \\ servus.at | http://firstfloor.org/ur