Dancers in The Dark

Dancers in The Dark is a simple, participatory project.

The public is invited to contribute dance moves and poses in form of short video clips. These clips are automatically assembled into a sequential collage, then played back the same evening as a laser-projection. The nature of the conversion process stylises the dancers into animated line drawings, reminiscent of hand drawn frame-to-frame animations. The system is automatic, there is no curation - the animation is built in sequence, during daylight hours. The nightly playback starts as soon as it becomes too dark for the camera to capture new clips, poetically referencing the coming together of individuals in a dance-party after their respective work-days, celebrating one of the fundamental forms of human expression.

Installed in Kamloops during Luminocity 2016

The ammo-box, containing the laser and deflection mirrors, and playback laptop in Hazel Mader's drafting studio - thanks to her for being so accommodating!

The video capture setup at the Kamloops Art Gallery project space

The capture laptop on its special plinth.