wolfgang fuchs + markus decker improvisation on turntables and other electric circuits
wolf /at / + maex at ( and than add this domain here )


"It allows your mind to follow peacefully along the piece and to face the new elements growing up. To me audio/sound art is somehow pure and innocent as I can't think how it is composed. And it is funny how you start listening things around you in a different way after listening your pieces."(anu.osva. 2003)


live recording 2008 aerom_white_paper_crime
live recording from the klingt org festival jan07 / hq track: aerom_live / lq track: aerom_live_lq / or here for stream
first track of our name-series / played on very low amplification axel __/ in var qualities here / rec at the amannstudios

a dog avoiding the concert aerom at velak gala aerom at velak gala
aerom by a.okamoto aerom by a.okamoto aerom by a.okamoto
aerom moveable studio setup winter 08
rhiz1.jpg 2004121301.jpg aerom_soundcheck /ammanstudios_06

live review from klingt.orgfest07 in the freistil magazine

old soundfiles: hamburg.mp3  bestiality.mp3

in the meantime we played in:
fluc vienna / stwst linz / rhiz vienna / amannstudios vienna / konzerthaus_velak vienna