Project Description
AUDIOMOBILE's framework is provided by Matt Smith (CAN) and Sandra Wintner (CAN) of the Artist Run Limousine Collective in Vancouver, BC.

Contributing media artists to date are:

Allison Track (CAN), Jon Vaughn (CAN), Jeff Morton (CAN), Rebecca Cittadini (AUS), Theo Sims (UK), Dietrich Killer (A), Maex Decker (A), Ushi Reiter (A), Markus Binder (A), Andrea Sodomka (A), Peter Kulev (A) and Claus Harringer (A), Erika Lincoln (CAN), Hope Peterson (CAN), Ken Gregory (CAN), Mike Germain (CAN), Mike Litwin (CAN), Nagasaki Fondue (CAN), Paul Lukeman (CAN), The Rossbrook House Youth Center (CAN), Steve Bates (CAN) Travis Warren (CAN), Érick D'Orion (CAN), Frédéric Lebrasseur (CAN), Hélène Matte (CAN), Daniel Rochette (CAN), Philippe Venne (CAN), Bad Beuys (A), Colophony Circuit + DJ Still (A), dieb 13 (A), Michaela Falkner(A), Oliver Hangl/Matthias Kertal/Richard Eigner (A), Caroline Hofer/Jens Doering (A), Rupert Huber (A), Volkmar Klien (A), Christina Nemec (A), Martin Pichlmair und Billy Roisz (A)

Contact Information:

Artist Run Limousine Collective :: 347 Powell Street
V6A1G5 Vancouver BC Canada :: E-mail: