Project Description
This allows sounds to be perceived as emanating from a certain area, becoming softer or louder depending on the distance of the car from the mapped areas. The creation of the sonic maps is a work-in-progress consisting of sounds created and supplied by an increasing number of artists in selected cities. The placement of the sounds according to GPS Longitude/Latitude in the "real" environment is determined by the artists within the limits of a given rectangular area, usually within 20 minutes driving distance from the center/gallery hosting AUDIOMOBILE.

Version 0.1 has been created by Matt Smith, Ken Gregory and Sandra Wintner in September 2003, during a group residency at Western Front Society in Vancouver.

Since then it has been adapted for and presented in the cities of Saskatoon, SK and Linz, Austria. The process has been by Peter Courtemanche (CAN) and Ken Gregory (CAN). It was hosted by Western Front Media, Paved Art+New Media, Les productions Recto-Verso,ORF Kunstradio, Ars Electronica Festival, send+receive Festival of Sound.