Art's Birthday

Jan 17-20 2004 ++Cake Icing Robot Performance

The Artist Run Limousine is abducting Art on January 17th 2004 for Art's Birthday !

She can be tracked down by deciphering our Icing Robots' route drawn onto her birthday cake located at the Luxe hall at Western Front Society in Vancouver, BC.
A Vancouver based performance artist (TBA) will impersonate ART and give an artist statement during the ride, recorded on Digital video inside the compartment.
Once the route has been laid down onto the remote cake, ART will finally terminate her odyssee and be delivered to Western Front, where she will ceremonially part the cake and officially declare Art's Birthday.

How does the robot work?

The GPS data from the moving limousine is transmitted to the Scrambled Server, as a pair of messages, one for each coordinate.

These messages are received from the Scrambler by a computer at the Birthday Party, which in turn transmits them in a scaled version to the Icing-Robot.

The robot then moves forward along the cake-track according to the first received coordinate (X), adjusts its nozzle according to the second received coordinate (Y) and then proceeds to squeeze a blob of icing onto the cake.

Not very sophisticated, but it gets this important job done.

Parts description

1=RCX "The brain" :: 2=light sensor :: 3=hose/nozzle :: 4=tube-squeezing mechanism
5=icing container :: 6= squeezewheels :: 7=transmisson :: 8=Cake track