++The Artist Run Limousine

*The Artist Run Limousine (ARL) is a mobile artist run center in the shape of a white Caddilac Fleetwood stretch limousine run by Matt Smith and Sandra Wintner in Vancouver, Canada.

The inspiration for the Artist Run Limo originally emerged out of the lack of transportation at Western Front Artist run center, who we are involved with since 1998, to pick up visiting artists from the airport.
Matt used to pick up artists with whatever beater he just happened to own.
His obsession with vehicles eventually led to the purchase of the ARL in spring 2001.

The Artist Run Limousine is a vehicle which can be customized for artistic ventures of all sorts, emphasized or transparent as such. It serves the artistically inclined community like any other artist run center and is host to a gamut of >projects.

The ARL encourages dialogue through it's symbolism and is a means to stimulate contextualised interpretation of the urban and suburban landscape.

The ARL on the Coquahalla summit in June 2003

++Proceedings & Projects

The Artist Run Limousine is open to any kind of proposalthat involves the ARL. Artists are invited to use and propell concepts developed by the Collective for the ARL, like AUDIOMOBILE, or come up with their own applications.

The ARL Collective does not receive any ongoing funding, but is willing to provide technical assistance to appealing projects.

Please refer to the "Sightings" section to find out about recent projects and co-pro's.