City of Women 2006 / IMA Salon

Turntable improvisations by Ushi Reiter and live visuals by Starsky

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Turntable improvisations by Ushi Reiter and live visuals by Starsky

“Scratching records, placing the needle in the groove, scraps of sound all conjoin into a dialogue with static soundwaves and space. The performance starts with material that picks up from sound material of the 20th century produced exclusively by women. In addition to searching through net archives for this purpose, the work of contemporary sound producers will also play a key role. Vinyl records will be produced especially for the performance.” (Ushi Reiter)

“Live visual performances do not try to tell a story or create a linear course of action. Instead, their content is associative and ambiguous, enabling a sequence of images to be created. The logic of sequence is a result of the image contents and their extensive meanings, as well as the different methods of interconnecting images, and of linking images with music.” (Starsky)


Reiter manipuliert ausschließlich intuitiv und manuell. Im Netz gefundene digitale von Frauen produzierte Sounds werden auf eine analoge Platte gepresst und dienen, neben einer zwischen den InitiatorInnen getauschten Sammlung an akustischem Material als Ausgangsmaterial für die Improvisation. Plattenkratzen, Nadelaufsetzen, Soundfetzen, verbinden sich zu einem Dialog mit dem visuell bespielten Raum und führen zu einem Muster auf der Suche nach der „richtigen“ Soundrille.

Reiter’s manipulations are entirely intuitive and manual. Digital sounds produced by women and found on the Net are pressed on an analogue record, and along with a collection of acoustic material exchanged among the initiators, they serve as the starting material for improvisation. Scratching, needle drops, sound scraps conjoin into a dialogue with the visually filled