Sightings 2004

Events, Co-pro's and homegrown projects featuring the Artist Run Limousine.

February 2005

Recto-Verso, Le Mois Multi-Quebec city ::

The Artist Run Limousine has successfully produced AUDIOMOBILE in Quebec city during the "Le Mois Multi" festival of Les Productiones Recto-Verso. Avatar will release an audio cd/DVD featuring recorded AUDIOMOBILE sound rides.


October 16 to 24, 2004

ARL @ Send+Receive Festival of Sound::

A version of AUDIOMOBILE was produced and invited for rides for the annual Send+Receive Festival of Sound (Winnipeg, Manitoba) from October 16 to 24, 2004.

For Send & Receive, the Artist Run Limousine Collective offered AUDIOMOBILE tours of Winnipeg's historic Exchange district and facilitated a hands on workshop with participants of the Rossbrook house music program.


September 2-7,2004

AUDIOMOBILE @ Ars Electronica 2004, Linz, Austria

The presentation of AUDIOMOBILE at the 2004 Ars Electronica Festival "Timeshift" was a huge success! Our Departure lounge was located in the Brucknerhaus in the city of Linz, as part of the e-lobby installation. The events included AUDIOMOBILE rides to the festival attendees, artist talks by matt Smith in the e-lobby and a performance by Matt Smith and Maex Decker for the "Reinventing Radio" 5.1. surround radio broadcast, the first public surround radio broadcast in Austria!

The audio material for AUDIOMOBILE Linz has been prepared by a group of selected local media artists, namely Dietrich Killer, Maex Decker, Ushi Reiter, Markus Binder, Andrea Sodomka and Peter Kulev.


July 10-31, 2004

++Artist Residency @ Paved Arts and Media, Saskatoon,SK ::

This month long residencies' goal was to create a sonic map for Saskatoon by using sound material gathered and produced by participating local artists Allison Track, Jon Vaughn, Jeff Morton, Rebecca Cittadini and Theo Sims.
It culminated in 3 days of AUDIOMOBILE rides in Saskatoon.
Thanks to Paved Arts and Media for their support of this project.

>Go to the AUDIOMOBILE website


Jan 17-20 2004

++Art's Birthday :: Cake Icing Robot performance

For Art's Birthday on January 17th 2004, the Western Front has invited artists to join in a simultaneous birthday bash.

From January 16th through to the 18th participating artists are using sensors, software, and robotics to join in the creation of activated social spaces that respond to data flow from one site to another.

The Artist Run Limousine is taking Art (performed by Vancouver artist Margareth Dragu) on a ride and can be tracked with the help of a Cake Icing Robot. During the ride, Art will be interviewed and give an artist statement in the limo's cabin until she'll successfully is delivered to Western Front where the B-day cake will be devoured.

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