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A project is a workshop, a performance, a set up, a theory… In fact every “project” has collaborative moments, dependencies, a value and frictions. Some projects don’t have an end.
Life is no project. Most projects are badly payed! Life is sometimes a performance. And not everyone is able to perform.


Us(c)hi Reiter studied graphic and design at the Kunstuniverstät Linz. As artist and project developer with a special interesst in net.activism and audio-visual communication she has been collaborating with different groups and artists since 1998. From 2005 till 2017 Reiter run the non-profit cultural backbone organisation & Kultur im Netz. She continues to research Free/Libre/Open Source Software in the frame of cultural production and art as well as work on conceptual and performative setups. She is one of the main founder of Art Meets…

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The Tech Oracle 2015

This project was curated and initiated by ESC Graz and Constant – Association for Art and Media, Brussels Within the group of following people (Pascale Barret, Julien Deswaef, Heidrun Primas, Ushi Reiter, Agnese Trocchi, IOhannes m zmölnig) we processed the The Tech Oracle in 12 days. About The Tech Oracle TTO reflects on the disproportionate confidence that we currently place in services of the WorldWideWeb. Because it seems as if we would not only look for practical answers in the web, but also for…

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The end of Shopping…

[ End of Shopping…] Copyright © [ 21.10.2014] [ Us(c)hi Reiter] Copyleft : Dieses Werk ist frei, Sie können es gemäss den Festlegungen der Lizenz « Art Libre » weiterverbreiten und/oder modifizieren. Ein Exemplar dieser Lizenz findet sich auf der Website von « Copyleft Attitude » sowie auch auf anderen Websites.

Read More » is a cultural network-based initiative in Linz, Austria. Its an artist run space and technical infrastructure. offers virtual and physical access opportunities for artists, hacktivists and cultural producers. One of the main objectives of is to implement the ideas of a “free society” in a daily practice of cultural and artistic production dealing with technology and to develop a network of trust. Working for this initiative was and is challenging.

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Art Meets Radical Openness

AMRO-Art Meets Radical Openness The event is rooted in the successful Free Software movement of the early 2000s. In conjunction with the Austrian-wide initiative Linux Weeks, was a co-organizer from the beginning with an event in Linz (LiWoLi – “Linux Weeks Linz”) The cultural, artistic and socio-political focus of the association, which is still marked by the spirit of the Free Software movement, has been systematically expanded with a new cooperation with the Institute for Time-Based Media (Art University Linz) beginning in 2008.…

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USHI REITER / MARKUS DECKER 2009 UA In unserer Auseinandersetzung mit den zauberhaften Phonographen tauchen wir in die Welt des krachenden und ächzenden Klangs der Geschichte ein. Ein Sound-Experiment, bei dem sich noch heraus stellen wird, ob es Geschichte schreibt. Die produzierten Walzen werden jedenfalls nach dem Konzert als Kunst Objekte versteigert. Der Erlös geht an die Free Software Foundation Europe. Ein Projekt, das Edison Thomas Alva als Verfechter von Patenten sicher nicht gefallen würde. invited by IMA

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reiter/decker seit jahren arbeiten reiter/decker an verschiedenen soundscape- ordnungsmustern. ausgangspunkt der zusammenarbeit war eine konkrete erforschung der raum-zeit-ton komponenten im film. (outofsync). reiter/decker manipulieren ausschliesslich intuitiv und manuell. turntables, computer und sythesizer (unlimited tools) bilden ein ungesynctes netzwerk fuer sound. das unspektakulaere banale dient als akustisches und visuelles ausgangsmaterial. plattenkratzen, nadelaufsetzen, soundfetzen, verbinden sich in einem dialog mit statischen soundwellen und fuehren zu einem muster auf der suche nach der richtigen soundrille. die erforschung des eigenen bildes/identitaet durch manipulation und zeit stehen im zentrum von…

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BLOWER – a reactive installation that takes webserver logfiles and represents search terms by fan airflow and so transforms abstract notions into a corporeal medium. BLOWER deals with statistic logfile analysis and data representation. The installation is connected to the internet and automatically determines through a perl script the search terms employed to find a a specific web host. The first 150 search terms are connected to 300 stacked fans. Popular search terms create stronger airflow than less popular. Starting from the question what are…

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